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"Give back their dignity"

Dear family, friends and well wishers of the Leni Keller Workshops in Nigeria.

Accept our appreciation for your steadfast support and contributions for the past two years towards the success of our/your project. There have been lots of improvements and we are excited to inform you that the Leni Keller Workshop that started with one workshop in Mbiatok has extended its program. We now have two workshops both in Uyo and in Oron, two cities in Akwa Ibom state that harbor most of our target group, the Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria.

Please visit our website for more information. (

Another exciting news is a grant that we received from Bingo to buy machines to start a carpentry workshop and a machine to crush and melt plastic that can be used to make building blocks. This extension intends to include young men in our program by offering a training that will likely appeal to them. We also intend to reduce the plastic waste through recycling plastic into building blocks. Our experts will construct machines with filters to avoid an increase in pollution of the environment during the process of production. We expect this program to empower young men by creating jobs and taking them away from the street . We will however need to employ new trainers to take care of this new training program. To this effect we have started a fundraising campaign on the Global Giving platform. On Jul 12, 2023 from 4. PM you can visit our campaign through the link below and make a contribution. This campaign makes sense only if you are ready to donate from 100 Euros. This is because if you make a donation from 100-499 Euros Vielfalt Afrika e.V will receive an extra 30% on top and 40% on top of donations from 500 Euros.You will need a credit card to use for payments. You can also just use our normal account to make any other donation to support this project.

Our goal for 2023 to the end of 2024 is to become more independent and to support the organization in Nigeria to create projects that can run without relying always on donations. We however are grateful that you are making this journey with us to “Give back the refugees their dignity”. Please use the link below for any contributions.

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