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Let's feed ourselves - Adagom/

In the refugee camp Adagom we are implementing a project "Let's feed ourselves" with a local refugee cooperative "GROFLINE" as our partner organization. In the camp, small areas of land are available to the refugee families behind the houses they live in, on which they are allowed to carry out agricultural activities. In addition, some land has been leased. The participants receive equipment, seeds/seedlings and animals in the course of the project. They will learn how to grow crops, raise fish (a pond is available and there is already fish farming in the camp), raise pigs, and raise snails. They are also taught how to build a composting toilet and how to build a solar dryer for drying food. Refugees who are interested in agriculture will thus learn to meet part of their food needs themselves.

The project, which has a duration of one year (from April 2023) is largely funded by the Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) through the Schmitz Stiftung.

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