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TeenAlive Association, founded in July 2018 by like-minded humanitarian with head office in Buea and an extension office in Bamenda, both in the conflict affected regions of the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon, is a non-profitable organization, centred on the development of young people, women and other vulnerable persons. At TeenAlive, we strive for a just world that advances the growth of teenagers, women and other vulnerable persons. We believe in human development, that is why we are helping them to gain knowledge of their rights, have confidence to speak up, gain skill training and access jobs or self-employment opportunities. TeenAlive further believes in mentoring teenagers at the right age. 


The organization therefore works towards the realization of the following objectives:


1. Advocate the teaching of sex education at home and in Schools among teens and preteens in a bit to prevent teen pregnancies.


2. Reach out, rehabilitate and empower teen/single mothers into formal educational institutions, vocational training centres, as well as involve them in to income generating activities.


3. Increase awareness of HIV/AIDS among young mothers and children.


In order to realise these objectives, we have broken them down into the following activities:


1. Awareness creation and sensitisation campaigns.

2. Livelihood/Economic empowerment.

3. Vocational training

4. Educational support to vulnerable young persons 

5. Psychosocial support services.

6. Child Protection Services

7. GBV Services

8. Sex Education

Doreen Binain Mbain

Executive Director

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