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about us

The association "Vielfalt Afrika in Hannover e.V." was founded in 2021. The objective of the association includes projects to help refugees in Africa (mainly as help for self-help through training activities) as well as projects for the African and Afro-German community in Germany.

We are currently mainly active in Nigeria, where we carry out projects to support refugees from the Anglophone part of Cameroon. These have come to Nigeria in large numbers in the wake of an armed conflict in Cameroon that has been ongoing since 2016.

In Germany, we carry out events and activities - especially educational projects - whose target group are Africans and people of African origin. We are a member of the Afrikanischer Dachverband Nord (ADV). Together with ADV, we intend to set up a psychosocial counseling center in Hanover specifically for people in our target group, since there is a great unmet need in this regard among this group of people, and people in this group have specific problems.

The association emerged from an initiative of the Keller and Kuma families to collect donations on the occasion of the funeral of the social worker Helene "Leni" Keller, who is the namesake of our "Leni Keller Skill Acquisition Centers". The namesake of our Nigerian partner organization "Max Kuma Community Development Foundation" is the late father of the Kuma family, Max Kuma. Through their great commitment to others, Leni Keller and Max Kuma are inspiring examples for us.

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