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SCEW e.v.

About us

Southern Cameroons European Women (SCEW e.V) , is a Non-profit organization that was born after the Brussels European Conference of 31st March - 2nd April, 2017.

The association got legalized in July 2020 with headquarters in Duisburg Germany.

The motto is “UNITY IS STRENGTH”.


SCEW e.V. is an association that is made up of women across the European Continent, whose origin is Southern Cameroons (English speaking region in Cameroon).


Since the wake of the crisis in October 2016, the French Cameroon government has been persecuting the people in the English speaking region in Cameroon.

Many have sought refuge in neighboring Nigeria, while thousands have fled into the forest within the territory because the French Cameroun military has set their homes and villages in flames. Some thousands are wounded, others arrested and thrown in prisons and many have been killed in the course of fighting for the right to self-determination.


The women see it as a collective responsibility to come together and organize themselves in order to effectively

 tackle the challenges.

The primary objective is to plan, strategize and collectively carry out humanitarian actions to aid the war

affected persons and also to engage themselves to look for peaceful solutions to resolve the conflict.


The Anglophone Crisis

The Anglophone crisis is a political conflict over cultural rights and identity that began in October 2016 when English-speaking lawyers, students and teachers began a peaceful protest against under-representation, cultural marginalization and the systematic assimilation and erosion of the common Law and Anglophone educational

 system by the Francophone-dominated government.


When their requests were violently repressed by the security forces, other trade Unions and civil societies in the Anglophone regions came together and with the support of the people made demands including the return to the Federal State of Government as was supposed to be from the Unification of the two Cameroons in 1961.

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